eBay joins Give as you Live!

eBay So far this year, we have already added nearly 200 new stores to Give as you Live. And to finish January, we have the biggest one of the lot – eBay.

eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace. You can find all manner of new and used items – like that iPad you didn’t want to pay full price for, or those shoes which are no longer available in the shops. There’s also all sorts of vintage items and rare collectibles, whilst you can even buy a new car.

Donations from eBay work slightly differently to other retailers. Firstly, they are not part of the Give as you Live shopping bar, so you’ll need to use the Give as you Live website in order to visit them. Secondly, when you buy with eBay, you are paying a seller (a person or business) not eBay themselves. So they can’t donate a percentage of the selling price. However the seller will pay eBay a fee for listing the item – from these seller fee, eBay will donate 37.50% to your charity.

N.B. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to complete the purchase via eBay’s mobile website and not their app. Unfortunately they do not currently have tracking enabled on their app, but they are working on it.


Until 1st July 2014, eBay offered different donation rates depending on which product category you purchased from. Those rates were:

Business & Industrial 25%
Collectibles 20%
Electronics 27.5%
Fashion 40%
Home & Garden 37.5%
Lifestyle 37.5%
Media 20%
Parts & Accessories 37.5%
Vehicles 25%
Other 25%

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