What is your New Year resolution?

Happy New Year!
It’s that time of year again when everyone makes the same resolutions and then they never stick to it…

But this year it’s different!

Here at the Give as you Live HQ we have been planning all our 2016 New Year’s Resolutions and we thought to help you to give you some ideas and pointers on ways to stick to them.

Our Resolutions and how we’ll stick to them:

#1 Shop online via Give as you Live to raise a free donation for your chosen charity – Raising money for a good cause just by shopping online = A Win Win for everyone!

#2 Get Fit and go to the Gym – Join with a Membership and pay it off monthly – Go at least 3 times a week to make the money you pay worth it.

#3 Stop Smoking – How much would you save weekly/Monthly/Yearly? – You’d feel healthier by smoking less or not at all.

#4 Drink Less Alcohol and more Water – You’d feel better about yourself having more fluid throughout the day and less Alcohol.

#5 Debts – Sort out all Debts from Credit cards to loans to ensure a stress-less year.

#6 Get Organised – Make the year feel easier and get yourself a organiser to write down any plans or dates.