Nuture Group launch #NGNXmaschallenge

nuturegroupFinding new ways to engage your supporters can be difficult, but the Nurture Group have come up with a fantastic competition.  They started the #NGNXmaschallenge after hearing in our Webinar, how Christmas was a perfect opportunity to raise funds.

They decided to challenge their supporters to do all of their Christmas Shopping through Give as you Live this year; not just gifts but also food, decorations and train tickets to wherever they were spending the festive period. After looking at the results from Twitter and Give as you Live, they will pick a winner who will receive a Nurture Group related prize and a special thank you in their Network.

The Nurture Group Network in the international umbrella for nuture groups;  groups of 6 to 10 children/ young people usually based in a mainstream educational setting and staffed by two supportive adults. Nuture groups are founded on evidence-based practices and offer a short term, focussed, intervention strategy, which addresses barriers to learning arising from social/emotional and or behavioural difficulties in an inclusive, supportive manner.

For over 40 years, nurture groups have broadened the horizons and life opportunities of children and young people. From the earliest origins of nurture groups in Hackney in the 1960s, children have become more socially adept, emotionally resilient, self-confident and learn to enjoy life because of their nurturing experience.

The Nurture Group Network aims to support their members in the incredibly valuable work they do to improve the life chances of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people. They also aim to raise the profile of nurture, to make the concept more widely understood, and push the nurture agenda right into the heart of Government.

By using Give as you Live, The Nurture Group Network hopes to raise funds for their organisation as well as awareness of who they are, what they do and how others can join them.

The charity is communicating Give as you Live through twitter and links to their fundraising page at the bottom of their e-mails. They are also giving leaflets to delegates at their conferences and will be sending a Christmas Give as you Live e-mail to their members.

They are planning to do a lot more conferences in 2014 where they will be continuing to promote Give as you Live. The Nurture Group Network will also be promoting Give as you Live through social media.

Katherine Webster, Business Development Manager of The Nurture Group Network explained what she loved about Give as you Live:

“Give as you Live has got to be the easiest way to raise money for your favourite cause. You don’t do anything other than press a few buttons, then it’s back to regular online shopping and that is why it is so successful.”