Cats Protection – rising shopper numbers and regular giving

Cats Protection has one of the fastest-rising shopper totals of all our charities. At the start of the 25-shopper campaign back in January they had three shoppers.

We’ve seen this increase week by week and now, seven months later, they are well on their way to 100 shoppers. This is fantastic news for the charity – because if they can keep these shoppers engaged, their regular giving can raise almost £2,000 a year, using average shopper values alone – keeping 27 cats fed and watered during that time.

Richard Howard, fundraiser at the charity, is pleased with the results so far. But he wants to recruit more shoppers – and most importantly, ensure they remember to keep using Give as you Live when they buy online:

“It costs just 18p a day to feed a cat and by supporting Cats Protection through Give as you Live you can make a huge difference to the cats that need us across the UK. We currently have over 70 shoppers through Give as you Live, which is fantastic – but there’s always room for more!”

  • Cats Protection now have a total of 79 shoppers
  • The charity promotes Give as you Live via their website, Facebook page and Twitter
  • They have communicated to their supporters, staff, volunteers and their 260 branches about Give as you Live to attract new shoppers
  • As part of the ‘25 shopper campaign’ Cats Protection will receive a donation from us of at least £395 at the end of 2012
  • Over the course of 12 months these shoppers should raise unrestricted revenue worth an average £1,990 through online shopping alone
  • That regular giving amount could go a lot higher if Cats Protection supporters continue to actively shop online with Give as you Live

Cats protection now face the challenge of keeping their shoppers actively using Give as you Live and shopping online, by talking with their supporters and using the resources in the charity toolkit. We’ll let you know how they get on.

One million cats helped in the last five years

Cats Protection helps cats across the UK. Over the past five years, they’ve helped around one million cats through their network of 260 volunteer-run branches, 29 adoption centres and one homing centre.

They find loving new homes for cats – many of which are stray or been abandoned – run neutering programmes and educate the public on cat welfare issues.

Just £3 helps the charity feed a cat for over two weeks. A Give as you Live shopper an average of £2.10 a month, without their purchases costing them any extra. If you would like to sign up and start shopping for Cats Protection, please click here.