Ovarian Cancer Action receive cheque for £3,925

ovarian-cancer-action-chequeFundraisers at Ovarian Cancer Action just received a cheque for nearly £4,000 – all thanks to Give as you Live technology, which turns the activity of online charity supporters into money for their cause.

What did the charity say the main benefit of Give as you Live is? We caught up with Nina Gopal, Head of Fundraising at Ovarian Cancer Action, who said: “Give as You Live provides a way for EVERYONE to support Ovarian Cancer Action.

“In one of the most challenging economic climates ever for charities it is a modern and potentially limitless income source while at the same time being simple to use for the donor and what’s more with instant recognition of their contribution via an email after their purchase.”

There’s no secret to Give as you Live – it simply turns every pound you spend online into money for the cause that means something to you. But what challenges have the Ovarian Cancer Action team encountered along the way?

Nina told us: “Perhaps the hardest part in promoting it is getting people to take on board that it really does cost them nothing – but once they do, they recognise what a fantastic opportunity this is to support a charity by doing something they do in any case!”

Do you represent a charity? If you’d like to find out how to make the most of Give as you Live, sign up to join our CEO Polly Gowers, OBE this Friday at 11am for a live introductory webinar. They run every week, so please invite your colleagues to join as well.