Packing Essentials for a Winter Getaway

Do you feel like you forget something every time you pack for a trip? ? Same as the majority of us! This year get organized with our packing list!

When visiting countries where you’ll need to dress warmly, packing on a weight limit can feel like a struggle. Supposingly you need to pack light for cold weather but you need so many items to keep you toasty – it can often turn into a nightmare packing session!

Here’s our top 5 tips which you might need to know…

1. Start with the basic layers – I know they are thin but it’s a good base layer which has as much warmth as a bulky jumper. Along with a shirt or trousers, the base layer will insulate you from the cold without adding much volume to your luggage.

2. SOCKS and Shoes – In cold weather keep socks thick so your toes stay toasty! You’ll will need boots but you should never pack them as they will always take up so much space in your suitcase, if you can wear them whilst you travel instead.

3. Coats and Jackets – Even though you might have layers upon layers of tops or jumpers, you should always have a coat or jacket available it will compact all your body heat together in those freezing cold conditions

4. Hats and Gloves – The best solution for covering up all those loose ends, gloves allow you to keep your fingers snug and out of the bitter cold and a hat keeps your head and ears tucked away plus they don’t take up that much space in the suitcase.

5. Extra essentials…

  • Suncream – I know it sounds silly but sun cream in winter? But a windburn, or a sunburn from reflection off of snow or ice, is every bit a rival of a summer sunburn.
  • Lower-body base layer – So if you are going to be spending extended time outdoors, consider packing thermal leggings to keep your legs comfortable in the cold.
  • As always in cold weather, a scarf is small and light and very effective as an additional layer.

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