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Choosing the best paint brushes and rollers...

When do you use a roller and when do you use a paint brush? Well this is an interesting a question... it all depends on what type of job you’re doing whether it’s repainting a kitchen that needs durable paint that can be washed or simply refreshing your bedroom with a nice matte finish.

Along with there being many different paint types, there are also hundreds of variations of brushes, rollers and even paint pods. This guide will help you understand the types of paint brushes with their different sizes available and how you can get different effects using other types of rollers.

Types of paint brushes:

Synthetic bristle

This type of bristle is used for achieving a fine finish with water-based paints rather than solvent-based. Having a very hard-wearing bristle won't absorb large amounts of water, so it means that it won't swell up and cause tramlines to appear in the paint.

Natural Bristle

Having a solvent-based paint you will need a natural bristle brush as it allows the paint to be brushed on easily with few brush marks. It's ideal for skirting boards, doors and wall surfaces. They have been designed so it allows you to take and hold paint within the brush - plus having the split ends helping to produce that fine finish.

You have brushes that come in various sizes and these include:

25mm - Ideal for cutting around glass or window frames

50mm - Ideal for skirting boards, architraves, door frames and panel doors

75mm - Ideal for large flush panel doors

100mm-150mm - Ideal for walls and ceilings

Types of paint rollers:

When you're thinking about buying your rollers it all depends on the type of paint you'll be using and the surface you'll be covering. They are an ideal way of getting a large surface done quickly and easily.

Rollers available:

Short pile - For fine and flat surfaces

Medium pile - For smooth surfaces (but can be used on most walls)

Long pile - For very textured surfaces, or even surfaces outside the home

Foam roller - When you're using gloss finish paint or varnish.

Radiator roller - The hard-to-reach places or small areas and they are handy for areas where there's fixed furniture.

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