Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2016


Firstly what is Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition. People with Parkinson’s don’t have enough of a chemical called dopamine because some nerve cells in their brain have died.
The loss of nerve cells in the brain causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s to appear.

The Symptoms:

– Tremor, rigidity and slowness of movement.
– Tiredness
– Pain
– Depression
– Constipation

The symptoms can be controlled using a combination of drugs, therapies and occasionally surgery.

Types of Parkinson’s:

– Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease
– Vascular Parkinsonism
– Drug-induced Parkinsonism
– Dementia with Lewy bodies
– Inherited Parkinson’s
– Juvenile Parkinson’s

Change attitudes. Find a cure.

Unfortunately there’s currently no cure for Parkinson’s and we still don’t yet know why people get the condition. Parkinson’s doesn’t directly lead to death, but symptoms do get worse over time.

Without the generosity of people like you, the work of Parkinson’s UK would not be possible. Supporters and volunteers are as vital, as well as researchers and nurses.

Here’s how you can help:




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It’s time to take ACTION by changing attitudes, finding a cure and joining!