Parkinson’s and Give as you Live

Parkinson’s UK is our Give as you Live charity of the week. They have been spreading the word and embracing Give as you Live to raise even more money for those suffering.

They have a dedicated section on their website informing people about Give as you Live, how it works and how to download the App. They are not only promoting it through their website but also offline. On the back of their Spring 2011 newsletter they have a message about Give as you Live.

Rachel Backshall, Head of Business Development at Parkinson’s UK said, “Using Give as you Live is quick, simple and easy. Once you have set it up on your system it reminds you each time that you are donating money while you shop.”

Charlene Asamoah, Corporate Fundraising Manager added “Parkinson’s UK supporters can now search, shop and fundraise! The platform slots so easily into everyday life. For more information visit”

Some charities are still unaware of how much they can benefit from Give as you Live and by promoting it to their supporters they are really maximising their potential to raise even more funds. If you work for a charity that isn’t promoting Give as you Live yet, follow in Parkinson’s footsteps and start now.