How to Perfect Winged Eyeliner for Autumn

Winged eyeliner is going to be one of the major make-up trends of the autumn, creating that gorgeous elegant elongated look to your lashes and giving you striking eyes both day and night. Mastering the winged eyeliner look is easy if you can get your hands on the top products and follow the few simple steps we’ve outlined below.

For the easiest way to apply winged eyeliner, opt for a small angled make-up brush such as this Yves Saint Laurent one from Boots and your eyeliner of choice. Gels work particularly well, so you might like to consider this Stay Perfect black gel from Boots, this Illamasqua Precision gel from Debenhams, or even think about adding a splash of sparkle with this metallic bronze gel eyeliner from Superdrug.

Using your eyeliner, make a series of small dots just above your lash line and a dot just beyond the tail of your eye to guide your line and show you where the wing will go. Next, take your angled brush and carefully go dot to dot above your lash line using small, even strokes – when it comes to the wing, join the final dot to the wing marker with longer, firmer and more sweeping strokes.

Slowly build up and thicken the wing by repeating these longer strokes, working inwards so it connects smoothly with the line you’ve created above your lashes. If you don’t get the smoothest finish to your wing, you might want to use a little liquid concealer to even things up – this liquid Miss Sporty concealer from Superdrug or this Maybelline Dream Touch pencil from Boots will work wonders when it comes to correcting mistakes!

Once you’re happy with your wing, apply your mascara and try to use the wand to draw the lashes out towards the tail of your eye. This super volume mascara from The Body Shop is great for really emphasising the lashes around the wing you have created, while the bareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara can help define your lashes for really bold and striking eyes.

This is such an elegant and sophisticated look that you can take it straight from the office to an evening out on the town with only the minimum of touching up. Whether you’re off to an after-work social or hitting the town for a big night out with the girlies, with a little practice you can make it work.