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Planning your bedroom?🤔

Are you planning on redesigning your bedroom?

Well a bedroom is one of the most precious spaces of the home. This is where you retire to after a long day and where you run to when life gets a bit hectic. There it is vital that your bedroom is homey and good enough looking for you to look forward to your nights. Here are some inexpensive ways to revamp your bedroom.

What you need to do...

Design your dream bedroom:

Firstly you should take a good look at your old bedroom...Do you like what it looks like? Is the bed in the best place? Do you have enough storage for your clothes? You should try and be creative this time and play around with different ideas for making the most of the space available. The best bedroom designs are the ones that put every inch of space to work, you should boost your storage space with as few large pieces of furniture as possible.

Choose the furniture and storage:

When it comes to bedroom furniture there's something to suit every taste, having styles from traditional to contemporary.

Freestanding furniture is very versatile but it means you can rearrange your bedroom layout however you like. Or you have the modular style which is using the shape and size of your room and choosing all the components needed like - cabinets, doors, chests of draws from a wide range of styles and sizes of units and you can make it tailor-made for your bedroom.

Storage systems can come freestanding or built-in. While your free-standing wardrobes have the advantage of being moveable if you want to change the room, they don't hold as much as those that are built-in. You can also fit a built-in system into an alcove or other irregular spaces.

Picking a colour?

Having colour plays a big part in creating an atmosphere, as well as making your room appear larger or smaller, warmer or cooler. Did you know? An all-white room can look cold and stark, while neutral shade like cream can add a touch of warmth, as well as shades of pink are warmer than shades of blues. You can go and have one strong colour or choose to have one feature wall and paint the other walls a complementary colour.

Then your plan is sorted!

Just head over to Give as you Live to purchase your NEW furniture and paint and you can get started straight away, along with raising free funds of your chosen charity of course!

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