The positives of a corporate charity partnership!

Not just a financial contribution – the positives of a corporate charity partnerships and how employees are the key!

Entering into a corporate partnership with a community programme has an abundance of business benefits for a company, large or small. Working closely with a community project contributes to brand image and can influence the public – companies who positively interact through social media to share and promote their fundraising activities have been proven to see an increase in both. With this positive PR comes brand awareness ultimately leading directly to profit.

When employees get together in their tens, hundreds or even thousands and co-ordinate their giving through a well-executed corporate giving campaign, enormous and long lasting good can be done for the community.

The benefits of a successful charitable giving campaign are not limited to external results. Getting your employees engaged with charitable giving improves overall employee engagement by boosting productivity, encouraging ethical behaviour and pride in their work and the organisation. With increased employee engagement, their moral will set to increase.

When a corporate giving programme brings together people from all levels of the organisation everyone will feel like they are working together toward a common goal. This feeling of inclusive teamwork will extend beyond the CSR programme and positively influence other aspects of their work.

Here at Give as you Live we understand that some companies do not have the time, money or manpower to create that perfect platform to launch such a charitable giving campaign. This is why we have created the bespoke fundraising hub. From one main site your employees can keep track of how much as a business they have raised, make direct donations, set up fundraising pages, learn more about the charity and raise money when shopping online. Free, bespoke marketing materials and reporting is also available to the business.

The best part is our fundraising hub is completely free for businesses, charities and users! Everything we do is focused around raising money for UK charities.

If you want to learn more about fundraising, staff volunteering and building links with local or national charities we are on hand to help. For more information please get in touch with our Corporate Account Manager Ashleigh Green on 01386 764 927 or