Preparing your home for a cat

When you bring a new cat into your family home you need to ensure they are properly cared for so they can lead a happy and healthy life.

When attending your cat’s wellbeing is important to understand the needs and to use that knowledge to create a suitable environment. Some of the things that make a difference are very simple, but sometimes owners are unaware of their importance. A routine it’s a vital for a cats life as they need to define their territory, so by keeping everything the same and smelling the same will allow more comfort within the family home.

What you will you need to buy?

  • Litter Box with the litter included
  • Food & Water bowl
  • Cat food (depends on the feline)
  • Scratching surfaces this is instinctively to sharpen its claws and mark its territory by scratching.
  • Lots of Toys which is a great way to interact with your cat and also to give it an outlet for energy and instincts.
  • A bed especially as cats feel better higher up from where they don’t have to worry about what’s above and can see what’s happening below.
  • Cat flaps this it allows a cat free access to the outdoors without having to leave a door or window open.
  • Microchipping as identity is important especially as these creatures like to explore.

What to do once there home?

When you bring the new feline of the family home ensure it feels safe and secure in the cat carrier. This will relax them because moving to a new environment can be scary and uncomfortable, let them out of the carrier and if you sit on the floor to let him/her come to you and yes this may take some time!

It may take your cat a week or two to adjust – so be patient.

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