Quick Food Solutions for Halloween Parties


If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, you might want to spend hours creating plate after plate of jelly worms with straws, meringue ghosts and eyeball cookies, but if you’re planning a more low-key affair or you simply don’t have the time to spend hours toiling over a hot cauldron, we’ve got the solutions. From gory pasta dishes that take just a matter of minutes to prepare and cook to hosts of cookies you can buy and pretend to have cooked yourself (if you dare), here are some of the best quick food solutions for Halloween 2015.

Instead of serving up a whole buffet of treats to party guests, why not give them a single plate of food with an undeniable Halloween theme? How about a plate of eyeball pasta, for example, that should take less than half-an-hour to cook and prepare? With nothing more than tomatoes, mozzarella balls, basil, pesto, tagliatelle and a jar of tomato sauce, you can rustle up a wholesome dish that is sure to taste better than it looks – and that’s the point! Another option is to make something beforehand or have something bubbling away in the slow cooker while you paint faces and try to squeeze yourself into last year’s costume. There are lots of simple spooky soup recipes out there, ranging from a stew-like witch’s hat soup to an adults-only Bloody Mary creation, or how about creating an autumnal pumpkin-based casserole with a distinct Halloween twist? It’s amazing what you can do with dumplings, some food colouring and a set of edible pens! Sometimes, though, the simplest ideas are the most effective, so how about serving some severed-finger hot dogs made from ketchup-covered sausages with onion fingernails or open ‘brain burgers’, where piled up shredded and softened onions drizzled with tomato sauce and mustard give the Halloween effect?

Another really easy option that is perfect for children’s Halloween parties is getting your young guests to make their own scary pizzas. Give them some shop-bought pizza bases and passata, spread a table with a range of toppings and get them started on decorating their dinner, which can then be cooked whilst they’re off trick-or-treating. You just know that there’ll be lots of scary faces on the menu with tomato-half googly eyes and bacon smiles. Alternatively, keep it simple and just set out some slices of cheese and some Halloween cookie cutters to create a really simple but effective pizza topping that even the fussiest of little eaters is likely to enjoy – especially if they created it themselves. Just make sure you choose your cheese carefully. Edam is a good option because it won’t melt too much.

If you really can’t be bothered with even that amount of hassle or mess, never fear, as the supermarkets have plenty of ready-made solutions available. From web-shaped Monster Munch crisps to Mr Kipling’s Toffee Terror Whirls, you can get your party started by simply opening a packet or two. Supermarkets’ own bakery departments are also a great place to pick up a terrifyingly tempting treat or two. Sainsbury’s bakery, for example, is offering everything from seriously chocolatey Ghoulish Cupcakes to brightly coloured Freaky Fairy Cakes, which the kids are sure to love. At Morrisons there are Gingerbread Mummies and Witch’s Hat cupcakes, or head over to Waitrose for some Traditional Toffee Apples. Whatever you choose to eat, we hope you have a really frightful time – in the best possible way, off course. Happy Halloween!