Top five unusual Christmas decorations

Do you remember our post last year about unusual Christmas decorations? Well, we thought we’d share some more for 2012 – and maybe remind you about one of our old favourites. These ‘not-so-traditional’ Christmas decorations should give your home a quirky and unusual edge.

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Unusual Christmas decorations – our top five for 2012

1. Glow-in-the-dark wrapping paper

This glow-in-the-dark wrapping paper costs £4.99 and will bring a touch of class to any Christmas tree. The good news is, it’ll be the friends and family that have to suffer it under their tree – not you. One thing’s for sure, they won’t have a problem finding their presents come Christmas morning.
Glow-in-the-dark wrapping paper, £4.99 from Firebox 

2. Pantone baubles

For all you graphic designers out there, here’s a classic: Pantone colour chart baubles for on the tree. They’re a little pricey at £8.99 a pop, but raise a little bit for charity as well. Go on – treat yourself!
Pantone baubles, £8.99 from Firebox 

3. Disney baubles

If you’ve got little ones, this set of seven Disney baubles will be something they’ll remember for a lifetime. If you don’t, then you might have an unhealthy Disney obsession. Feed it with these baubles and just hope noone, um, “takes the Mick”.

4. Christmas pudding bin bags

These pudding bags (£9.99) are an old favourite from last year. Use it for having fun when you come to dispose of the evidence of all your Christmas excesses. Or stick your presents in the sack before you leave them under the tree. The choice is yours – but it just seems such a shame to throw them out!
Christmas pudding bags, £9.99 from Firebox 

5. Owl Christmas tree topper

Owl tree toppers are all the rage this year, and this lovely little model from B&Q is a delightful specimen at just £6.75. This unusual Christmas decoration will prove to be a real hoot. Yes, we said it.
Owl tree topper, £6.75 from B&Q