Why Raise Funds for Community Programmes?

There are many benefits to be gained from fundraising for community programmes, ranging from offering vital financial support to worthy projects to improving the reputation and performance of your company with tangible results.

Good for Staff

Supporting community projects can boost staff morale and help workers to develop both professional and personal skills. Feeling involved in their local community can boost overall job satisfaction, strengthening their professional and emotional attachment to your workplace and leading to better staff retention rates and performance. Many studies have shown that a large proportion of employees believe such emotional rewards offered by community fundraising are more important than huge salaries.

Community fundraising can also help your employees develop a variety of hard skills, ranging from project management to event organisation, as well as soft skills such as having a strong sense of responsibility or the ability to relate to a wide variety of people.

Another major benefit of raising funds for a community programmes is the boost it can give to teamworking skills. There is nothing more likely to unite your workforce than working towards a common goal for the benefit of the community in which they live. It can also give members of teams the opportunity to take on different roles and create different dynamics, allowing shy workers to come to the forefront of efforts and giving strong personalities the chance to take on a more ‘guided’ position.

Better for Business

Community fundraising can really enhance the reputation of your business, whether you want to impress shareholders, increase staff engagement and recruitment appeal or to keep and attract customers and clients. This can mean lower bills for promotional activities and marketing as word-of-mouth does some of the job for you.

A good reputation can spread far and wide, boosting marketing and communication efforts, publicising your brand in a positive way and contributing to your brand image. Choosing to support a local charity can directly benefit the community around you and place your business in a positive light within a range of arenas, whether you want good press coverage, neighbourhood cooperation or support from your local authority.

Showing support for local initiatives is a good way of generating goodwill and building beneficial relationships within the local community. It can also allow you to get an important perspective relating to local tastes and trends, as well as contributing to a vibrant local economy which can prove beneficial to your business in the longer term.