Raising money for Buglife is less of a lottery with Give as you Live

Name:Matt Shardlow
Profession: Conservation
Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Bio: Chief Executive working for Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust. Matt has always been a dedicated wildlife enthusiast.

My Give As You Live Experience:
I have worked on conserving bugs and other wildlife all my life, most recently leading Buglife, the only organisation in Europe that acts to conserve all invertebrates, from bees to beetles and worms to woodlice. It is hard work raising funds to conserve the little things that pollinate our crops and keep our rivers clean. But we get great satisfaction when we take action that makes a better future for the animals with which we share the planet.

Buglife is working with Give as you Live and its users to help increase the amount of resources available to protect and conserve bugs. To get a better idea of how the system works I registered with Give As You Live myself.

I purchased a lottery ticket to test the system, it was easy to click the Give as You Live button. Like magic, without paying anything extra myself, Buglife benefitted from my purchase.

Unfortunately, I did not win the lottery so no new house with a garden full of bugs yet. I am reminded that while lotteries give funding to charity, often the criteria are so biased to the immediate needs of people that very little actually ends up improving the quality of the environment and protecting ecosystems. Give As You Live ensures that some of the purchase cost always goes to the heart of the cause you support.