How Redwings Horse Sanctuary is raising funds via Give as you Live


Charity name: Redwings

Horse Sanctuary

Charity representative name:

Gemma Walpole, Head of Fundraising

What Give as you Live resources do you use to promote it to your supporters?

Bespoke images and tag lines on email newsletters, Facebook posts and on our website.

How the Give as you Live funds help the charity?

Redwings Horse Sanctuary relies 100% on donations from the public to rescue abandoned and neglected horses and nurse them back to health. Every penny raised through Give as you Live helps us reach more horses and give them the lifesaving care they need. 

What you aim to achieve with Give as you Live?

Give our wonderful supporters a new and unique way to help the horses they love every time they shop, raising even more funds to help horses in desperate need.

Any plans you have for 2014 to keep the communicating about Give as you Live going? 

We have scheduled in Give as you Live emails as part of our yearly online communications to encourage more and more supporters to participate in this great way of fundraising.

Do you think other charities  would benefit from fundraising through Give as you Live?

Definitely – it is a really simple way for people to support the cause they love without any extra costs to them.

“Give as you Live is a unique and effortless way to fundraise for Charity. With no cost to the donor or the Charity, it is the best way to shop online.” Gemma Walpole

If you are from a similar charity and want to register for Give as you Live for free, please give the team a call on 0800 883 8450