5 Top training tips for the 2013 London Marathon

London marathon 3

The London Marathon is coming up in April, have you braved it this year?

It seems like everyone has the running bug, whether it’s a marathon, a 10K charity race or a fun run – people are pounding the pavements in a bid raise funds for charity and get fit at the same time.

Here’s 5 of our top tips to help you train for your running event, and raise even more funds for your charity while you’re at it.

1. Set realistic goals

Don’t attempt to do too much too soon. Plan your training programme carefully in the coming months, to lead up to the marathon. Build on your progress each week, and record your results. This diary and logbook will help you do just that, and it will raise 11p for your charity.

2. Eat healthily

Try to maintain a healthy diet while in training, with plenty of carbohydrates and protein. The carbs will keep you going and the protein repairs muscle tissue. The Athlete’s Palate Cookbook contains 100 gourmet recipes for endurance athletes, and it will raise 29p for your charity.

3. Reward yourself

While it is important to eat sensibly when training, a little treat every now and then won’t hurt. Set yourself a target each week, and if you make it, allow yourself one treat. A favourite chocolate bar or cake? Sainsburys will donate 25p for each online grocery shop you complete.

4. Mix it up
Mix up your exercise regime! Doing just running, day in, day out may get boring. Here’s some fun exercise DVDs to try at home. We would recommend the yoga in particular. Yoga helps with balance and strengthens the core, hip and thigh muscles which can prevent running injuries.

5. Update your fitness wardrobe 

Buying a new item to wear out running can spur you to get out there more often, and show off your new garment! There’s loads of running and sports stores included in Give as you Live, just a few include the likes of: Runners NeedAdidas ShopSportsshoes.comPumaJD Sports and Reebok.

  • Outfit below raises £5.23
  • 37,500 people took part in the marathon last year
  • If they all prepared via Give as you Live?
  • £196,125 raised for UK charities!





















The London Marathon ballot for this year is now closed, but if you’re interested in taking part, there are still some ways that you could enter. Find out more here.

If you’re doing a charity run this year, make sure you buy everything you need for it online. You’ll raise even more funds for your favourite charity, without spending a penny more. Just discover and download Give as you Live before you shop.

To raise even more funds for your charity Share Give as you Live with your friends! For every friend that signs up and spends £10, an additional £5 will be donated to your chosen charity.