Samsung Galaxy S4 review round-up

With Samsung dubbing their latest release, the Galaxy S4, as a ‘life companion’ does it really live up to its manufacturer’s words?

With each feature designed to simplify our daily lives, from monitoring our health to capturing those fun moments when we are together, the question is, can Samsung deliver?

s4Samsung Galaxy Specification:

  •   1.9GHz quad-core processor
  •     5-inch 1080p Full HD super AMOLED display
  •     13MP camera
  •     Slim & light design
  •     Group Play functionality

  • Let’s take a look at a few of my favourite features of the new Samsung Galaxy S4:

    Dual Camera

    Capture the ‘I was there’ moments of your life by simultaneously shooting with the front and rear cameras.

    Sound and shot

    Every picture you take on the Samsung Galaxy S4 can come with sound. So now you can remember what was said, played, and heard, not just what it looked like.

    Drama Shot

    Drama Shot lets you take a series of pictures of any moving subject and puts them together – so you can see the detailed action that’s seamlessly merged into one very dynamic photo.

    Smart Pause

    Whenever you look away, the Samsung GalaxyS4 makes sure to pause whatever you’re watching, so you don’t miss anything. Amazingly, Smart Pause resumes where you left off when you look back at the screen again.

    S Health

    It will track your workouts, daily intake, and weight levels.Get the current status of your surroundings for your activities with the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Comfort Level. It shows your comfort level based on temperature and humidity. Monitor your progress with both Health Board and various charts.

    What the experts are saying:

    “The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings a huge Full HD screen, an improved camera and faster innards, and fits it all in a chassis the same size as the Galaxy S3.” Tech Radar

    “We’ve only had a little time to play with the Galaxy S4 at the launch event, but early indications are that this is going to be a superb handset. It faces stiff competition from its Android rivals and whatever Apple plans to release next, but interest and demand for the phone remain high.” Expert Reviews

    Still not sure about Samsung’s latest release? Take  a look at this short review video from Give as you Live retailer, Dial a phone.

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