Top shoppers: Sense doubles average shopper value

Every month, we’ll be taking a look at some of the charities and causes whose shoppers have raised the most through their everyday online shopping. The shoppers fundraising for the charities below are all well on the way to raising their first £50 – if they haven’t already.

If you represent a charity, how can you go about achieving these results for your own shoppers? The average shopper value is £2.10 a month. Sense is one charity with an above-average shopper value, with supporters shopping online for Sense and Sense International raising an impressive £5.21 per month on average – that’s over double.

A regular, recurring income stream for charities and other good causes

Of course, this figure has been achieved by some canny marketing from the Sense team. The amounts raised from one shopper making one purchase may not raise an enormous sum, but it’s the cumulative effect of several shoppers all shopping over time – the regular, recurring income stream for charities that we talk about, that brings significant results.

Top shoppers for October

“We’re able to raise money we’d have no other way to access”

Claire Leslie, Senior Direct Marketing Officer at Sense, said: “Staff and supporters who turned on Give as you Live before shopping online have already raised £1,025.60 for the charity.

“The amount of money raised per individual online shop is often very tiny, but at Sense and Sense International we know every penny counts. We have ambitious targets for the number of sign-ups, and between us, we’ll be able to raise money we’d have no other way to access.”

If you represent a charity and would like any assistance promoting Give as you Live to your staff and supporters, please email