Shaun the Sheep Escapes the Farmyard – And Hits the Cinema Instead

What child wouldn’t like to go on a wacky adventure with a loveable sheep and his farmyard crew? That’s why the Shaun the Sheep the Movie is already destined to be a massive hit. Mark Burton and Richard Starzack have taken the directorship helm for Aardman’s latest comedy caper, and you’ve got to think that their job must have been something of a breeze. After all, anything that stems from the creators of Wallace and Gromit is almost guaranteed to be a success.


Mind you, this film doesn’t simply have to ride on the back of the Aardman reputation or the cuteness of the characters. The storyline is pretty good and the animation is great. OK, so it’s not one that you’d probably choose to see on your next date night movie trip but booking a family visit to the cinema shouldn’t make you feel like a lamb to the slaughter. The film will probably prompt a smile or two amongst the grown-ups but, better still, it’s likely to keep all but the youngest kids quiet for 85 minutes or more.

The movie features the voices of Justin Fletcher, nothing short of a real-life hero for all CBeebies fans, and, surprisingly, stand-up comedian Omid Djalili, although you won’t hear the sort of stories that usually emanate from Omid! Other stars of the show include John Sparkes, Richard Webber, Andy Nyman and Kate Harbour – all of whom deliver enough to ensure their careers don’t end up in the messy part of a farmyard once this cinema run

The plot itself focuses on Shaun’s quest for adventure as he seeks to escape the monotony of his normal life on Mossy Bottom Farm. Of course, things don’t go according to plan – it’d be a really short film if they did – and Shaun and his gang find themselves on a Big City mission to get back their farmer. No family film would be complete without a baddy and Shaun’s nemesis comes in the form of Trumper the animal containment officer. So, how do the flock avoid his attentions? They pretend to be humans, of course.

It’s no surprise that the merchandisers have gone crazy preparing for the Shaun movie release (cute kids can be devils when it comes to getting their parents spend cash) and they’ve put out everything from Shaun the Sheep jigsaw puzzles to headbands with fluffy sheep ears. Will your kids be bitten by the sheep bug? There might be a doctor’s visit necessary if they are!