Shop differently, give differently: charities talk online giving

Online giving can be a boost to charitiesAs we enter 2013, the news can be just as grim as it was in 2012. In November we read that charitable giving is down by 20%, according to reliable reports – that’s a fall of over £2billion.

Now we hear the news that yet another high-street chain, HMV, is probably going to be closing its doors – unless it can find a backer with deep pockets. It’s pretty clear that times have changed. (There’s something sad and ironic about the fact HMV’s very brand mascot, “Nipper the Dog” – listening intently to a gramophone – is a several-generations-old anachronism.)

But let’s not simply blame the economy for all our troubles with charitable giving – because that’s not a solution. Neither should we lament (for too long, at least) the rise of online shopping at the cost of its bricks-and-mortar forebears, because it’s simply the inevitable product of a changing world. Yeats knew what he was talking about when he said things fall apart. And human habits evolve. To yoke those two stories together, we can see it’s not all doom and gloom. As regular readers may know, Give as you Live can be one way to help harness all that time we spend online and direct some of the money we already spend to charity.

Regular giving, recurring income – from shopping online

But does it really work? We can tell you that over 400 charities now receive over £2.10 per month for every single person who supports them through Give as you Live. Over £2, every month, for every shopper. The maths sound good – but what do the charities think? We caught up with some of them, and asked:

What do you think of Give as you Live? Has it become a viable revenue stream for your charity? And how easy is it really to start using and promoting?

Read below to hear how some of those charities fed back on their experience of regular giving through Give as you Live:

“A great way of supporting charities, at no cost”

Boaz TrustShopping online with Give as you Live is a great way of supporting charities, at no cost to the shopper. It takes so little time, yet makes a big difference. Every year we struggle to find money for bus fares for our clients to attend essential appointments. Schemes like this are brilliant at filling those funding gaps.

– Dave Smith, Founder of Boaz Trust
Rate per shopper for November – £34.78.


“Easy and amazing”

Brenda KirbyGive as you Live has proven to be an excellent way to raise money for the Brenda Kirby Charity. It’s so easy and amazing how quickly it adds up at no cost at all to the person using it. It’s win-win all round.

– Ken Sherwood, Trustee & Treasurer of Brenda Kirby Charity
Value per shopper for November – £15.60



“Give as you Live is a lifeline to us”

ATLAGive as you Live really is a lifeline to Associations such as ourselves. The Association of Teachers of Lip-reading to Adults can continue its vital work of training lip-reading teachers, to support the one-in-six of the population with hearing loss, thanks to support from Give as you Live.

– Maggie, Chair of Association of Teachers of Lip-reading to Adults

Value per shopper for November – £28.75


“A simple and effortless way of generating funds”

GRWEFrom the charity’s perspective, Give as you Live is a simple and effortless way of generating additional funds to help rescue and rehome more greyhounds and lurchers that have been abused or abandoned.

– Peter Stevenson, Treasurer of Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE)
Value per shopper for November – £15.90


 “Amazing… we are very grateful”

Bayis LepleitosThis is an amazing way for people to be able to help our charity and the orphans within, no matter how rich or how poor you are, with online shopping becoming more and more common. We are very grateful that Give as you Live has provided this platform to enable people to help charities with their toughest task in raising money.

– Joshua Breuer, Trustee of Bayis Lepleitos
Value per shopper for November – £25.05


“Everybody wins”

CHFRaising funds is increasingly difficult in these difficult economic times and Give as you Live offers a fantastic way for people to show they care at no extra cost when buying the things they’d buy anyway. Everybody wins; the businesses get valuable customers and our charity gets a much-needed slice of the profit.

– Simon C, Project Manager at Children’s Heart Federation
Rate per shopper for November – £23.44.


How you can get involved

If you’re completely new to Give as you Live, our how it works video explains the basic concept – and how easy it is to get started, whether you represent a charity or just want to generate some cash for charity at no extra cost while you shop online.

If you’re a charity looking to emulate the success of some of those quoted above, we’ve supplied you with a raft of marketing materials to introduce your donors to Give as you Live, and remind them to shop for you through Give as you Live, at no extra cost, whenever they buy something online. Our clever technical team has created an auto-generated bespoke marketing toolkit for every charity in the UK – you can access yours here.

Alternatively, you can contact us through the blog. And we’re always keen to discuss your fundraising needs (during office hours, of course!) on 0800 883 8450.