Shop with Hamleys for Family Games this Christmas


Hamleys is one of the world’s largest toyshops; if you haven’t been, it’s a truly magical place to visit during the Christmas period. Every child’s ultimate dream!

Unfortunately not all of us have the time for a visit to London prior to Christmas, but the website is also a great experience and has a huge selection of toys to choose from.

Over the next couple of week’s I’m going to plan my Christmas shopping and share what I find.

Hamleys Games section is quite impressive, there are traditional games as well as family games, jigsaws and much more.

Here’s a selection of my favourite family games, have you played any of them? Which one would you recommend buying? Please post your comments.

snakes and ladders Snakes and Ladders, £15
An old classic, the race game of lucky ladders and slippery snakes. Suitable for all ages, but specially designed for younger players.
Scrabble Scrabble, £19
You can’t beat an old classic when it comes to board games. You’ll need to get your thinking cap on with this one and make some crafty moves, every word counts.
monopoly2 Monopoly, £15
Everyone loves Monopoly, The world famous property trading board game. Move around the board, buying and selling properties, building houses and hotels as you go
pictionary Pictionary, £22
Pictionary is a great game for the rare family get together. It’s a fast paced game of imagination, funny drawings and players abilities to interpret them.
7 in 1 7 in 1 Games Compendium, £55
With 7 games in 1, you’ll never be short of a challenge. Made especially for Hamleys of London, this is the perfect activity set for a games night, parties or family fun. Includes dominos, back gammon, cribbage, draughts, playing cards, chess & poker dice.
whos in the bag Who’s in the Bag? £16
Guess who’s in the bag! This game will test your skills at verbal charades as you try to describe the famous people on the cards that get picked out of the box.

All rates are correct as of publish