Shopper story: galloping donations for equestrian Stephanie

Occasionally, we open the (in this case stable) door for people to share their Give as you Live shopping experiences. This week, we hear from travel agent Stephanie Lambourn. Stephanie is also treasurer for the 1st Hungerford Scout Group, and is always looking for different ways to raise money to ensure the scouts have a great time, while keeping costs down for parents.

Stephanie told us:

I’ve been shopping again: a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon for £109. This is to be a gift for my friend who enjoys reading and tends to read at night – so a gadget that allows you to read with a built-in torch, so that it doesn’t wake up anyone else, is an ideal gift.

My friend spends most of the summer months “sitting up” with mares that are due to give birth so it is going to be so much easier to have a Kindle. No more losing her place in her book when she has to drop everything to assist at the birth as it will automatically save to the last place she has been reading. Also, it will save space with no huge pile of books to get through or fall over! I have also brought her a cover case so that it feels as if you a reading a book, rather than just a screen and extra protection.

I use my Kindle continually so I hope that she enjoys hers. Sadly I was not signed up for Give as You Live when I brought mine, or I would have added a few pennies to the window fund for the scout group.

filly and Buck's Fizz

Foaling: hard work for all involved

A case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted? Ha, of course not! It can be frustrating if you’ve just made a purchase and have only just signed up to Give as you Live, but the important thing is that once you install Give as you Live, it will keep on working for every qualifying purchase you make from then on.

Every single Amazon Kindle Paperwhite can raise £1.63 for your favourite cause, if bought through Give as you Live. But this got us thinking. An Amazon Kindle is an item which you might expect to be able to buy through Give as you Live, particularly as Amazon is a supported retailer. But what about more esoteric items? Again, Stephanie has an answer for us:

Our horse Summer retired from playing High Goal polo last year and is living happily in a field with her playing friend Crisp Air, who was also retired after a playing accident. Summer suffers from Lymphangitis and needs a herbal supplement to ease her symptoms.

Up until now we had been able to get the herbs from a local supplier, but that source has now finished, so I went online to see if I could get them. I Googled Hilton Herbs and found that Amazon stock the herbs that we need.

The Herbs cost £16.50 so a percentage of that will go towards helping the 1st Hungerford Scout Group. Summer stays fit and healthy so everyone is winning.

Amazon stocks a wide range of equine products, so I am sure that we will be searching the site for our next shopping trip – Bandages, supplements, tack etc…

Summer, who suffers from Lymphangitis

Summer, who suffers from Lymphangitis

So, what have we learnt?

I think it’s clear that almost whatever you buy, you can find it online. And with thousands of online retailers signed up, almost whatever you can find online you can buy using Give as you Live. So whatever your cause, you can help support them – just by shopping online.

Please let us know about your Give as you Live experiences – we’d love to hear about them and feature them on our blog.