Shoppers raise up to £38.48 for their favourite causes, from 1 single transaction

Donations Graph 09.07.12

Another busy week of ‘retail therapy’ for all the Give as you Live shoppers out there. Our top five donations feature Viking, Ebuyer and BT Total broadband, amongst others. Here’s our top 5 donations of the week:

1. £38.48 raised for Water Aid at Explore!
2. £35.25 raised for Standing together against domestic violence at Groupon
3. £30.68 Sky and Lochalsh Community Care Forum at Viking
4. £23.97 raised for John Hampden Grammar School PTA at Ebuyer
5. £20.00 raised for Hospital Radio Yare at BT Total Broadband

So, next time you’re thinking about booking an adventure holiday for the family, visit Explore! Or if you love getting those Groupon offers through to your email, remember that Groupon will donate up to 4% to your favourite cause. Stationery, holidays, telephone packages, insurance… You can buy it all through Give as you Live.

It just goes to show, how much unrestricted income there is for charities, and with people shopping online every day, it’s so easy for charities to get their hands on it. All they have to do is educate their supporters, tell their supporters to start using Give as you Live.

Not only are these donations made to the charities, at no cost to them or the supporter, but there is the potential to earn even more this year.

With our 25 shopper campaign, charities can get an additional £5 donation from us, for every shopper that spends £10 or more. The only catch is that they have to reach 25 shoppers, before they qualify for the bonus payments.

This incentive is running until the end of 2012, if you work for a charity that might like to take part, please email

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    9 July, 2012 at 10:31

    Stationery*, not stationary.

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      Matt, Everyclick

      9 July, 2012 at 10:38

      Apologies Nicola, this has now been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Kind regards


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