So Many Weddings… So Little Time

With five weddings to attend this year starting next month, I thought it best to get the ball rolling and start shopping as the panic is beginning to set in, rapidly.

I also agreed to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in support of Tommy’s in October, so training for that and other social events are taking up a lot of my spare time. With this in mind, I thought it best to shop online as it’s a lot less stressful than bags and a boyfriend on the high street.

Each wedding is being held in a different part of the country with different sets of friends attending. Therefore, I thought I could get away with the same dress – perhaps? However, after starting to look around I was tempted with many more…

I went online and had a browse at the latest fashions as I wanted to make sure I was still vaguely on trend. As Coast has always been one of my first thoughts when it comes to dresses, I thought I’d have a quick peek and see if anything took my fancy – I was spoilt for choice.

I then had a look at House of Fraser and John Lewis – again, loads of choice but like usual I was not finding the decision easy.

After much debate, I decided to go for a beautiful dress from Coast. I thought this would certainly get me through the first couple of summer weddings – hoping that the weather holds out for everyone’s special day and even better, I discovered that Coast will give up to 2.5% to my charity – how fab is that! Decision made and another box ticked.

Now it was time to peruse the shoe shops and it didn’t take long to find some great shoes and a clutch bag from House of Fraser and again give 2.5% to my charity.

I then decided to find the perfect gifts for all my friends and The White Company was my saviour purchasing some beautiful goodies from there, gave another 2.5% to Tommy’s.

With all my shopping done for one day, I was so thrilled to have managed to get everything I needed without the sore feet from trawling up and down the high street as I get enough of that from the running and a huge bonus was raising the extra money for Tommy’s.

I never need an excuse to spend money but it takes a little bit of the guilt away knowing I am truly helping others by shopping online through Give as you Live.