Spreading the Christmas cheer on Twitter

Since it turned December 1st, it’s like someone switched a big red Christmas switch! Christmas trees are up, advent calendars are open and everything smells like cinnamon.

With the two biggest shopping days, Black Friday and Mega Monday, out the way, you may be left feeling a little stumped of what to do.

Well, we’ve discovered some great Christmassy themed stuff you can do online, whether you’re a tweetaholic or a fashionista- get involved in the festive spirit and have a go at the competitions and games we’ve found below:


asossanta Official Santa

ASOS have teamed up with @officialsanta on twitter and is offering the chance to win any item from their site, simply by tweeting the link!

All you need to do is go to ASOS and find the item you would like to win, then press the ‘tweet’ button. It’s all preconfigured to mention @OfficialSanta, so all you need to do is sit back with a mince pie to see if you win!


Remember, if you’re shopping online at ASOS to use Give as you Live to raise up to 1.5% of your spend for your charity- at no extra cost!

Argos Aliens

Argos Aliens, also on Twitter, are taking requests for what Santa may like for Christmas and replying with videos and tweets. they interact with most tweets and some of the replies are hilarious! There was a competition running with them, but that’s now ended- but they’re still tweeting away with funny little alien thoughts!

If you shop online at Argos this Christmas you can raise up to 1% of your spend for your charity at no extra cost with Give as you Live.


Social Santa

naughtySocial Santa will tell you whether you have been naughty or nice this year by tallying up how much you’ve used bad language on Twitter! I’m glad to say I’m on the good list!

But for those on the bad list (tut tut) there’s still time to get on the good list!

All you need to do is add Give as you Live to your browser and your Christmas shopping will raise funds for your chosen charity- without costing you a penny more!


John Lewis Bear and the Hare

In case you’ve been hid under a block of coal muttering ‘bah humbug’ John Lewis have been airing theirChristmas advert ‘The Bear and the Hare’ which has melted the hearts of everyone.

And sure enough, both the bear and the hare have twitter accounts, although the bear is just mostly sleeping…


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