Start-up Essentials for Students

Young people across the land have left their A-levels behind and are now planning their first move away from home. University life is all about enjoying a great educational journey and having lots of fun, but before that all starts there are still some very practical things to consider.

Of course, many youngsters will be far more interested in making sure that they have the right jeans to wear for their first ever appearance in the Students’ Union, and so it is often left to the parents to ensure that they will have such everyday essentials as bedding and crockery.

Thankfully, if you are one of these parents, the internet has made this easier than ever before, and there are plenty of bargains to be had. Here are just some of the items to get your kids off to a great start without making you wish you could have a student loan of your own.


Bedding | Do not expect your newbie independents to be able to take care of delicate fabrics and colours, so go for simple cotton in a bold, plain colour. Who knows how they will want to accessorize their room in the coming months? Choose something that is easily adaptable. This, at least, minimises the risk of them asking you to buy more bedding in just a few weeks.

How about the Plain Cotton Duvet Cover from La Redoute, which costs less than £15? This cannot offend even the pickiest teenager and will be easy to wash and dry. La Redoute also stocks a wide range of different-coloured Pure Cotton Sheets, and so it should be easy to find something to match.

Your children will probably not spend enough time in bed during their student days, so make sure they get the best rest possible when they are there by investing in a good-quality duvet and pillows. Debenhams has a very reasonably priced 10.5 tog Hollowfibre Synthetic Duvet and Pillow Set.


In the Kitchen | Get them cooking more than noodles in pots with the great-value Argos 50 Piece Non-Stick Kitchen Starter Set, and make sure they have something to eat their creations with by picking up the 16-piece Basics Cutlery Set from John Lewis. The Sainsbury’s Basics White Porcelain 12-piece Dinner Set will ensure they can survive without washing up for a good few days and is cheap enough to replace when the inevitable breakages happen.

Towels | It’s a good idea to send your child off with plenty of towels, especially if their halls or shared house will not have a washing machine. A towel bale is the perfect choice, so have a look at Worldstores’ Essentials Walnut Towel Bale or Ideal World’s Six-Piece Towel Bale. Don’t let them get away with avoiding the washing-up for too long, either, by sending them armed with a few things from the range of great-looking tea towels.