Start Your Healthy Eating Plan — By Getting a Takeaway


Almost every parent will refuse their children a takeaway at some point, telling their youngsters that they should only be a treat and are too unhealthy to eat regularly. If you use the health card often, however, it is probably best not to move to Salford, as your argument won’t hold much weight when your kids hear about a new burger, curry and kebab business that has just won a top healthy-eating award.

Walkden’s Naji’s Kitchen won the Greater Manchester Healthy Catering Award less than a year after opening. It’s no mean feat in an area so renowned for having a childhood obesity problem that the local council has banned takeaways from opening earlier than 5pm during the week if they are near to a secondary school.

Current figures show that around 22 per cent of children aged 11 in Salford are now obese, so it’s no surprise that action is being taken. What is a surprise to some, however, is that people can now enjoy takeaway burgers, pizzas, kebabs and curries that will not make them put on weight even before they have opened the box.

Naji’s uses lower-fat spreads and dressings, does not use salt during cooking, promotes healthy options and displays the food’s nutritional values to help people make informed choice. Here’s hoping that the business’s success in Salford prompts the owners to open more outlets across the country. A pizza will taste all the better if you don’t have to worry about not being able to do up your jeans the next day.

If not, you could always try having a go at making your own healthy takeaway-style meals. Curries, for example, don’t have to be saturated in ghee and swimming in coconut milk to be tasty. If you’re stuck for inspiration, have a look at 200 Healthy Curries: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook, available from Amazon.