Steal Cheryl Cole’s style and raise free funds for charity through Give as you Live

During Cheryl Cole’s time on the X factor she became a household name, well known as ‘the nation’s sweetheart’, she could do no wrong. But in the last 6 weeks the general view of Cheryl has taken a slight U turn, she was sacked from The US X factor and despite disapproval from some of her friends and family, she has decided to give her cheating husband a second chance.

After the US X Factor nightmare, Cheryl went into hiding for weeks, and took a much needed break from work. The first time she stepped back into the public eye was for her 28th birthday party.

I was inspired by her effortless look and the great thing was that she really did look care free, like she had put all her worries behind her. I’ve taken Cheryl’s birthday style and chosen some different products to replicate it, the item’s I’ve chosen below are more affordable and the best thing about them is that they can be bought through Give as you Live… This means free funds raised for charity.

This Peter Pan Shift Dress is Lipsy by Pixie Lott and is the same shape as Cheryl’s, it has a pretty embellished collar which makes the otherwise plain dress a bit glam for an evening out.

To go with the dress, here is a simple white clutch and some
glitzy t-bar sandals.

If you’re a fan of Cheryl, like me, you can now dress like her, without the high price tag. Buying the three items listed above will raise around £6.50 for the charity of your choice.