Stephen Fry swaps with One Little Egg, a great fundraising initiative

You may remember we posted about a great little fundraising initiative called One Little Egg a while back. One Little Egg started with a single egg, people would then take turns to up trade or swap items which would outshine the previous one. The aim is to end up with something truly unique and amazing to auction off with all proceeds going to The British Hen Welfare Trust.

We thought it was a great way to raise awareness of the charity and raise funds, so we swapped some Red Letter Day vouchers for a night in a Welsh guesthouse, which everyone in the office is still quarrelling over.

Since then, our vouchers have been swapped for a Ramada Townhouse Suite from Andy and Sarah who own the hotel and in turn that has been swapped for… wait for it… a signed Harry Potter audiobook set from Stephen Fry.

One Little Egg, created by Sophie Mccoy, is doing really well, she’s raised nearly £3,000 already, with a target of £5,000. Do you have anything you could swap?

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