Strobing Products and Techniques

Contouring is giving women the thinner faces and apple-like cheeks that Mother Nature failed to provide. Why then is a new trend taking its place for many? The answer is simple: strobing is easier and quicker to do.

There’s no doubt that the likes of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, £39 at Net-a-Porter, will continue to have a place in many women’s beauty bags, but for some people, painting their faces into a completely different shape simply takes up too much time and effort. Instead, they have turned to strobing, which is so easy it is actually difficult to get it wrong. There’s no danger of ending up looking like a painted clown, as strobing is about using the power of light rather than colour to define the face.

Reflective products are used to highlight high points and planes in the face which catch most of the light. It is almost like training different spotlights to accentuate positive features and minimise the impact of problem areas. It is an excellent way of bringing shape and focus to a face and is much more forgiving than contouring for those with poor make-up skills.


It’s not the recipe for a maintenance-free face, however. It relies heavily on bringing out a natural glow, and so it is essential to have a good daily skincare routine, featuring cleansing with a product such as make-up artist favourite Lancôme Eau Micellaire Douceur, from £17.62 at John Lewis. An effective toner like Lancôme Tonique Douceur, from £20.70 at John Lewis, is also a good idea, whilst a high-quality moisturiser such as Crystal Clear Illuminate Daily Radiance Moisturiser, currently £54 at Debenhams, is essential. Whilst not cheap, the latter is the ideal product to brighten skin as well as to rehydrate and firm it. A brightening face mask such as the Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask, £4.99 from Boots, used twice a week will also really help to lure the radiance from the inside out.

Once there is a good base to work with, it is time to begin the process of complexion correcting and enhancing. Start with a hydrating serum such as Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum, £17 from Boots. This should create a dewy canvas that is a perfect base for a light, iridescent tinted moisturiser. Anyone wanting the Rolls Royce product must go for Mac Strobe Cream, £24.50 from House of Fraser. This is the ideal quick fix for skin, brightening and moisturising using a powerful blend of botanicals, vitamins, antioxidants and iridescent particles which heighten the effects of both natural and artificial light.

A quality highlighter such as Minerals ReadyLuminizer Duo, £21.60 from Feel Unique, should then be used to accentuate and brighten particular features. One of the best highlighters around, however, is the Balm Luminizer Highlighting Powder by Cindy Lou, £17.50 from Asos, which adds a subtle glow whilst diffusing light on the face. Finish off the look with a luminescent powder such as Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Powder, £34 from Harrods, for radiance that should last throughout the day.

Photos by: Getty Images