Give as you Live survey finds Scots are more likely to give to charity

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Think it’s women who give the most to charity? Think again: men gave £65million more, last Christmas alone.

If you’re young, male and Scottish – you are likely to be the most generous charity-supporter in the UK.

These results come from our survey of over 2,000 people across the UK, who were asked about the way in which they support charity. Read the full story on The Daily Mail.

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Men are the fairer sex

Think it’s women who are the most likely to kind-heartedly give their loose change and spending money to charities and good causes? Actually it’s men.
Last Christmas, men donated almost £18 each (£17.89) to charitable causes; while women only donated £15.52.

With 27.6 million men in the UK, versus 28.5 million women , this means that men gave an estimated £65.4 million to charity MORE than women.

1galleryYoung and responsible
The vast majority (85%) of the younger generation (those aged 16-24) want to see a more responsible Britain – saying that workplaces and businesses should be doing more to help charity.

One in nine (89%) of 16-24s say that they would be more likely to shop with a retailer who supports charity or charities, over one that doesn’t.
Meanwhile, the least likely to be influenced are the over 55s, with only one in seven (71%) of respondents saying a retailers CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives would influence their purchasing behaviour.

Again, older employees are the least likely to have taken part in charitable activities in the workplace; while younger people are embracing the opportunities that their companies are offering.

Only 39% of people aged 45–54 and 41% of aged 25–44 have taken part in charitable fundraising, compared to a far higher proportion, 54% of workers aged 16–24.



Scots are softies not skintflints
Over four in ten (42%) Scottish charity supporters donate money to charity following a tear-jerking advert. This makes the Scots far more responsive to television ad campaigns from charities, than anyone else in the UK (the national average is 25%).

Warm-hearted Scots are also more likely to donate money after being asked for sponsorship from friends and family, than anyone else in the UK. 65% of charity-supporting Scots respond to a request for sponsorship; compared to a national average of 54%. Scots are also the most responsive nation in Britain to charity emails – with 18% of Scottish givers saying they prompt a donation, versus a national average of just 12%.

Polly Gowers OBE, CEO and Founder of Give as you Live, commented:

“Online is changing the retail environment in many ways, it’s also changing the ways in which charities can engage with their donors and create more much-needed funds.

“It’s fantastic to see that the changing world of technology and online, are really flipping some tired old stereotypes on their head. It transpires that if you want to find a generous charity donor, you should head far up North to Scotland and search for a young bloke!”