Ten Adult Stocking Fillers for Less Than a Tenner

You may not want to spend a fortune on your adult friends and family this year, but there are some great little gifts around that will cost you less than a decent bottle of plonk. If your loved ones wanted a drink, they would probably go out and buy a bottle themselves, but would they ever consider getting themselves a pair of wind-up reindeer or drumstick pencils? One of the best things about this type of gift is that they can often put a smile on someone’s face – and what better gift could you give this Christmas?

Next Penalty Shoot Out Football Game | Chocolate and football. What more could you want?

Debenham’s Red ‘Emergency’ Hip Flask | For when ‘real’ emergencies strike.

Suck UK Drumstick Pens from John Lewis | No more Biro tapping with these nifty little pens.

Little Bag Of Happiness by Leelu at Not on the High Street | A tiny bag of pure joy.

Next Photographic Pug Make-Up Bag | Just make sure they don’t think you’ve bought them a mirrored bag.

Paladone Bathroom Duckshoot from Debenham’s | Bath-time fun for young and old.

Bluw Wind-Up Dancing Dad from John Lewis | Stick on your own dad’s face for a guaranteed smile.

Suck UK Music Ruler from Amazon | Who says measuring is boring?

Racing Wind-Up Reindeer by Diabolical Gift People at Amazon | The perfect after-dinner entertainment.

Curry And Chips Milk Chocolate Bar by Mighty Fine Chocolate at Not on the High Street | Add a pint and you’ve got a fully balanced meal.