Ten Best Non-Alcoholic New Year’s Eve Tipples

You may not want to drink this New Year’s Eve, or you may have volunteered to drive everyone else around. That doesn’t mean that you won’t want something tasty to toast in 2015 or that you want something that you drink every day of the week. A nice cup of Nescafe may be great on a Tuesday morning, but at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? Maybe not!

You might be content with a bog-standard glass of cola or a refreshing orange juice, but how about starting out the New Year with something different – something you may have never tried before. You could try mixing your own virgin cocktail, but that’s only an option if you’ve got ages to spend squeezing and perfecting. Plus you’ll probably have to get through quite a few awful concoctions before you actually find one that you like.

If you want to save on the time, the effort and the assault on your taste buds, there are some great non-alcoholic drinks ready to buy right now. Here are ten of the best that all taste great and will leave you feeling much better than most people will this New Year’s Day.

Feel Good Strawberry Daiquiri Non Alcoholic CocktailBottlegreen Pomegranate & Elderflower CordialShloer Celebration Pink FizzNorfolk Punch Non Alcoholic Punch DrinkFanta Fruit TwistFeel Good Non Alcoholic MojitoMonin Cocktail Non Alcoholic Syrups Gift SetFeel Good Non Alcoholic Peach BelliniBritvic J2O Orange & Passion-Fruit JuiceShloer Sparkling Berry Punch Juice Drink