The Best on Paper for Make-Up on the Go


You may not think that wiping your face with something that looks like a post-it note would be able to sort out your make-up problems, but then you have obviously not tried the latest products from Mai Couture.

Forget stuffing your make-up bag with enough brushes and sponges to decorate a house, let alone just one face, as the little paper booklets from Mai can sort out your blemishes and give you a golden glow in a matter of seconds.

The beauty industry is calling the new ‘papier’ trend the ‘next big thing’ in make-up, and it is certainly likely to appeal to busy modern women who often find themselves trying to sort out their morning make-up on the bus or train. There’s no doubt that ripping out a little piece of paper from a handy booklet and wiping it across your face is a lot more convenient and less messy than trying to contend with loose powders, damp sponges and foundation tubes that can squirt their contents further than a Nerf gun if pressed a little too hard.


The powder-infused paper sheets from Mai Couture come in three varieties: Blush Papier, Foundation Powder Papier and Glow Genius Trio Papier. The latter is the make-up equivalent of War and Peace; it contains plenty to get you through your day, and more. The Trio booklet contains 60 sheets, offering blush, bronzer and highlighter options — essential items to brighten up the greys of the British winter.

The blush and foundation booklets feature 50 sheets in each, and both come in three shades to suit different skin tones. The foundation is available in Fair Glow, a shade of apricot that is ideal for fair skins, as well as the peachy Nude Glow and Golden Glow, the perfect tone for olive and darker skin shades. The blush papers, meanwhile, are available in the golden apricot shade of Sunset Boulevard, the dusty rose tone of Montecito, and Sicily, which is perfect for those wanting a golden bronze effect.

The Mai Couture Trio Papier Poudre, meanwhile, is offered in two different shades. These are Like a Diamond, boasting Crystal Cove vanilla highlighter and apricot Sunset Boulevard and the pastel pink Studio City blushers, and Glow-Geous with its St Bart’s peachy highlighter, Sin City bronzer and candy pink blush Prettyful. One paper is enough to make up an entire face and all of the products are talc- and paraben-free.