The Far-From-Secret Nexus 6


The much-anticipated Nexus 6 smartphone was supposed to be hyped up by the fact that its key features were being kept secret. Well, whoever was in charge of keeping those secrets was obviously about as trustworthy as a nosy neighbour who spends all day gossiping over the garden fence. New ‘facts’ have been leaking out almost daily, leading many people to question if there are actually any more surprises to come. So what do we know, or think we know?

According to the rumours, the Nexus 6 will boast a QHD display measuring 5.9 inches and have a 496ppi pixel density. The 13MP camera, meanwhile, looks set to feature a dual flash and optical image stabilisation, and the battery is said to be a 3200+mAh, which is a huge improvement on the Nexus 5’s 2300mAh.

The Nexus 6 also looks set to fit with Motorola’s turbo charger, meaning than just 15 minutes of charge-time could result in around eight hours of power. It is supposed to have an aluminium frame and look like a bigger version of the Moto X, which also boasts a similar frame. One of the most surprising details to come out recently, however, is that it is likely to feature front-facing speakers.

It seems probable that most of these things will become a reality, especially considering that the whole operation has sprung more leaks than a British water pipe in the winter. However, many experts are still questioning the validity of the screen-size predictions, especially if there is only going to be one version of the Nexus 6 released.