Three from T3: the hottest gadgets of 2012

Can you believe it’s August already? It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by. (But still not fast enough for us gadget fiends, since Apple is – predictably – yet to release the highly-anticipated iPhone 5.)

I love a good bit of technology. Earlier this week I was confused as to how I was meant to get an address on an envelope without the label printer (oh yes, I remember now, writing it… by hand).

This year we’ve had some pretty cool tech releases and T3 have already shortlisted the contenders for the hottest gadgets of 2012.

The nominations I will be voting for are Pinterest for Digital Media Service and the Nike Fuel Band for innovation.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite nominations to share with you below, and you can check out the gadgets on the T3 list that you can buy through Give as you Live retailers on our Pinterest board. (Remember, when you buy your gadgets with Give as you Live you can raise money for your charity, at no extra cost.)

Nike+ Fuelband, £139, Nike Store
Nominated for innovation of the year
Raises £4.86 with Give as you Live

The Nike+ Fuelband tracks your activity throughout the day. You can set a goal and LED lights with go from red to green, depending on how close you are to it.

It doesn’t stop there, however. You can then sync your band up and track your progress, see your progress, unlock special achievements and much more.

It literally turns everyday life into one big challenge.


Apple iPhone 4s
Nominated for work gadget of the year
Raises up to £25.00 with Give as you Live

Once you have an iPhone, no phone will ever compare again. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without a map and Angry Birds on your phone before.




Asus Zenbook UX31
Nominated for gadget of the year
Raises £4.86 with Give as you Live

It pains me to write this because I’m an Apple girl through and through, but apparently ASUS is upping its game. When it’s shut it’s only 17mm thick… or thin, should I say?

It also has 4G of RAM and an i7 processor all in this tiny, tiny laptop – and what’s more, it will return from sleep within just two seconds.

The Macbook Air should be scared (T3’s words not mine!)

We’ll be looking at more and more hot gifts for Christmas as time wears on – so do you think these tech picks are on the money? Let us know!