The online shopping experience…as good as the real thing?

This month, which reports on a variety of consumer trends, has written an interesting article into consumer shopping trends named ‘Retail Renaissance’. This outlines that despite the negative press surrounding the decline of our high-streets, people still prefer shopping in the ‘real world’.

As we’re a web-based company, this article is really insightful for us, but we wanted to highlight that online shopping can be just as good, if not a better experience than offline shopping, through Give as you Live.

There are four factors detailed that drive this preference, such as ‘Retail Safari’, where people shop for the experience, as for many people it’s a leisure activity. We agree that online shopping is indeed a different experience, but not necessarily in a negative way. For instance, it can be much less stressful to use the internet to shop, as you get to avoid busy pavements and queues. Another factor outlined, the ‘Instant Status Fix’, is seen as only being achieved when shopping in shops, as you instantly are holding your purchase.

However, with Give as you Live, you can have instant gratification too, because you are giving to charity through your purchases. Whether it’s buying groceries at Tesco, clothing at M&S or a last minute holiday from Thomas Cook, you can shop for good and know you are helping others. Popping into the actual stores won’t allow you to do this…so we argue that online shopping, when using Give as you Live, is an even better, guilt-free experience and one that we hope will become a retail trend in itself. Watch this space.