The Perfect Excuse to Eat More Chocolate


National Chocolate Week doesn’t start until October 13th, and yet around 9,000 people have already signed up as fans on the event’s Facebook page. It shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise, though, considering that few people can resist a beautifully cold chunk of Dairy Milk — or perhaps even a bar or six.

This year’s event is more than just an opportunity to see how many squares of Galaxy you can fit into your mouth at one time, however (although feel free to try if you wish), as it is actually a wide-ranging homage to the world’s favourite snack and sweet treat which includes everything from cookery demonstrations to a thoroughly unique fashion show.


The latter events make up part of the heavenly Chocolate Show, to be held at London’s Olympia West between October 17th and 19th. Visitors to the event, officially known as Salon du Chocolate and claiming to be the biggest chocolate show on the planet, can enter a chocolate-inspired paradise featuring exhibits by Britain’s best-loved confectionary companies and some exciting brands from abroad, along with workshops with chefs and chocolatiers, talks and plenty of tasting opportunities.

There is no doubt, however, that the highlight will be the awe-inspiring chocolate fashion show, featuring creations inspired by chocolate and, in some cases, actually made of the sweet stuff, all of which have been created by exciting UK designers and chocolatiers. You might have heard yourself saying in the past that an item of clothing looked good enough to eat, but this time it may actually be true — although the creative teams, and the models, may not appreciate it if you try to make a snack out of their creations.


If you cannot make the show, how about heading to Vinopolis London for a Chocolate Unwrapped show on October 15th and 16th, or pop over to Chelsea, Notting Hill or Mayfair for some tasty treats on an exclusive Chocolate Ecstasy Tour, a must for the true chocolate aficionado?

There are also plenty of other events being held across Britain to mark National Chocolate Week, so keep your eyes on local notice boards and websites for information. If there is nothing nearby, simply head to your local cafe for a slice of divine chocolate fudge cake or have a go at making your own chocolate creation. Invest in Christine France and Christine McFadden’s The Complete Book of Chocolate and 200 Chocolate Recipes: Over 200 Delicious Easy-to-Make Recipes for Complete Indulgence, from Cookies to Cakes for some great ideas. Boasting more than 700 dribble-inducing photographs, even the book itself looks good enough to eat.

Alternatively, just invest in one of the biggest bars of chocolate you can find, such as the phenomenally proportioned 1kg Fairtrade Dairy Milk Bar. You may feel more than a little queasy if you scoff the lot, but it would be a crime not to celebrate such an important week on the calendar, wouldn’t it?