The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – are the experts rating it, or slating it?

The original Galaxy Note came out about a year ago. Due to its large size, many of us were sceptical about whether or not it would be a hit. But millions were sold. Now Samsung are looking to give their bank balance another boost with this new release, The Galaxy Note 2.

But what do the experts think – in our review of reviews?

Tech Radar gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars

“If you’ve ever fondled or caressed the original Samsung Galaxy Note and found its larger size too much to handle, we’ll break this to you with a sledgehammer – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is bigger. That said, we didn’t find it cumbersome at all. It actually felt slightly smaller to us in day-to-day use.”

Tech radar usually offer alternatives, but in this case… “The Samsung Galaxy Note created its own category, in that there were no real phablets about before.”

Here’s what T3 thought:

“It’s made a significant improvement in most departments and does more with the design to hide some of its hulking size. We loved the S3-inspired design, the improved S-Pen integration and overall speedier performance thanks to the quadcore processor and addition of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.”

The Verge gave it 8.5 out of 10

“Relative to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note II is a clear and unequivocal upgrade. It’s now more powerful, lasts even longer, and ships with the best software that Samsung has yet put on an Android device. The commercial success of the first Galaxy Note came as a surprise, however the same won’t be true of the Galaxy Note II.”

“It represents the best possible marriage of the Note lineage and Samsung’s 2012 technology and is likely to cement the Korean company’s position as the premier Android device maker.”

User Reviews
Here’s what some users thought of the gadget:

Abdullah via “The Galaxy Note II is a great phone, I love its size, if it got any smaller, it wont be purposeful.”

Some more users reviewed it via
Kellex B said: “There really are very few things that I dislike about the Note 2. Size is really all that bothered me. Great device.”

New_Guy said: “It’s pretty much settled for me. Contract is up soon and I’m all in right now.”

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