The Time Has Come to Stop Shampooing Your Hair


Heading into the shower without your trusty bottles of shampoo and conditioner probably sounds about as sensible as going swimming without a towel. It’s almost possible to hear the cries of ‘yuck’ as people digest the implications of a movement which could see the end of washing your hair in shampoo forever.

Don’t panic, though, as the reality is not as grubby as it may sound. No one’s saying you have to go all hippy and try out the old theory that your hair will re-generate itself and look clean after six weeks of no washing. The theory is that there are actually better ways of cleaning your locks than with harsh detergents such as frothy shampoos, which leave your hair feeling like straw unless you slather on lots of silicone-laden conditioner.

Enter stage left, the cleansing conditioner. These are not the utterly useless two-in-one shampoo and conditioners that grace supermarket shelves. They are nutritious combinations specially designed to clean and condition without the need for harsh chemicals and made-up names for compounds that don’t really exist.

Yes, they may not leave your hair quite as shiny as some of the more exclusive conditioners on the market in the short term, but over time they can return your locks to their childhood softness. Remember those days? All those years ago, before you fried your bangs every day with straighteners and blow-dried your ends to within an inch of their straggly life.

Amongst the forerunners in the cleansing conditioner game is Bumble & Bumble with its Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme. The company’s founder, Michael Gordon, says this product is suitable for all hair types, and it is so effective that it can even restore coloured locks to their virgin glory whilst maintaining colour better than ordinary shampoos.

Other leading products include the Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner, which claims to reduce hair breakages by a massive 94 per cent, and Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, which may feel like it is doing little because of its lack of lather but is actually ideal for sensitive scalps and hair prone to tangles.

Another option is the Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme from, which makes the bold claim that not only will it look after your hair, but it will do it so well that you will actually not have to wash it as frequently. What, a product manufacturer that doesn’t want you to wash your hair 50 times in one shower just so you have to buy more bottles of their stuff?