The Top Christmas Presents of 2011, featuring iPad, Fijit and Pandora Bracelet

Christmas is nearly here! Horrah! A time to fill our belly’s with mince pies, turkey, pigs in blankets and chocolate log- not forgetting the presents! This year there’s been some tough competition, but we think there are some clear winners for the top gifts of 2011. And just think, if you bought all the top gifts through Give as you Live, you could raise nearly £10 for your charity and more if you shopped for other gifts too!

Top Tech- iPad
Apple, from £399
The iPad is undoubtedly the top gift this Christmas. For him, her, Grandma, Grandad, the kids- the iPad is the ultimate gadget suitable for all ages. Whether it is used for business, play or studies no recipient could be disappointed with this gift. Apple is predicted to sell over 13.5 million iPads in the December quarter alone- imagine if they were all bought with Give as you Live- that’s over £56 million pounds!

Raises £3.99 for your charity

Top Toy- Fijit
Selfridges, £54.99
Long gone are the days of jump rope and battleships- this year’s top toys are all about technology. The Fijit can respond to basic human commands. You can even say ‘goodnight’ and they respond by closing their eyes and snoring; when you tickle them, they laugh; if you ask them to chat with you they have 100 set phrases with which to respond, they even tell jokes. To top it all off, Fijit’s can interact with an iPhone App.

Raises £1.92 for your charity

Top Gift for Her: Pandora Bracelet
Argento, £60- £950
Top of the list for any woman, a Pandora Bracelet. Whether it’s the start of a bracelet or charms to add to an existing one, Pandora makes sure any of their collection will make the most special gift. At an affordable price, a starter bracelet ranges from £60, all the way to £950 and charms begin at £30. Choose from limited edition Christmas charms or a charm to show her you love her, whatever you decide, this is a gift that will last forever and mean so much.

Raises £2.40 – £38 for your charity

Top Gift for Him: Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu Ray Box Set, £59.99
The highly anticipated Star Wars complete Saga, on Blue Ray is a hit with most men. A story that grew up with a generation, that used ground breaking technology to create special effects and let’s face it, who would not want to see a light-saber fight this Christmas? The box set shattered major records and is already the highest grossing debut Blu-ray disc set in history.

Raises £0.59p for your charity

Top Stocking Filler: Addictaball
Firebox, £7.99
Addictaball, the name says it all, you literally cannot put it down.
Players must twist, turn and tilt this crazy contraption and guide a metal ball through the three-dimensional maze of platforms, holes and spirals suspended within. Simply a must have for any stocking filler, frustrate loved ones with this excellent gadget- a snip at £7.99 or go larger for £12.99.

Raises £0.39p for your charity

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