This Wedding Dress Has a Sting in Its Tail

It’s quite normal for brides-to-be to spend a fortune on their wedding dresses, but splashing out more than £4 million? Now that’s not going to be everyone, is it?

Well, that’s a good job really as Julien Macdonald’s stunning gown, encrusted with fresh water pearls and diamonds, really is one of a kind.

The stunning creation was the highlight of the Welsh designer’s show, held at the Royal Opera House as part of London Fashion Week. If clothes had personalities, the ruffled swimsuits, slim-fitting pencil dresses and babydoll shifts would be green with envy, knowing that they had the crowd in the palm of their hands until ‘that’ gown arrived on stage.


You might expect that a dress with so much bling attached might end up looking vulgar, but there was never a danger of that with Julien Macdonald. His piece de resistance oozed class, whilst the sparkles mesmerised the audience rather than over-powering the eye.

In typical poetic fashion, the dress formed part of a collection inspired by tattoos, flowers and a seductive mermaid living beneath the waves of a tropical sea. Macdonald explained that this mermaid caught herself a handsome man and then used the treasure from her sea to make an ethereal wedding dress. Could this dress be any more perfect? Not only does it look simply stunning, but it has a romantic back story as well.

Nevertheless, most people will have to settle for something a little less expensive for their big day. The good news is that Macdonald’s design is likely to inspire many more affordable imitations, and there are already plenty on the market for those ladies who want to look like an exotic mermaid as they say ‘I do’. How about the Pandora wedding dress in Ivory from Phase Eight at Debenhams? This is a dress guaranteed to make a splash, yet it has a price tag of under £500.