Three Top Tips for Successful Easter Egg Hunts

easter-egg-huntOne of the best ways to get children some fresh air and to make them burn off a bit of that chocolate-fuelled energy over the school holidays is to organise your own outdoor Easter egg hunt. Follow these three tips to make it a success.

  1. Get the Easter Bunny to take part. This is what magical memories are made of. Although you might feel a bit of a fool donning a giant rabbit suit, you’ll only need to look at your little ones’ faces to know that it’s worth the effort – and the embarrassment. Just be prepared for your adult friends and relations to tease you for years to come. You can get your own back, though. Just volunteer them for dressing-up duties next year – maybe for their local toddler group. It would be a shame to leave the costume to gather dust, after all.
  2. Create your own little Easter wonderland in the garden with the help of a few simple decorations. Invest in some colourful crepe paper and get the kids to help you make your own, or pick up some cheap and cheerful Easter decorations to hang from trees or bushes. You could also buy some Hanging eggs (£3.99 for 12) and let the youngsters get busy with some brushes and paints. They’ll love hanging them around the egg-hunt route. If you’ve got really little ones taking part, try using some strategically placed Easter balloons (£3.50 for 6) to give them clues as to where’s best to hunt. Think about getting everyone to hunt for cardboard egg cut-outs or even cuddly stuffed toys rather than actual chocolate. At the end, get the kids to hand all of their treasures in to receive a bag of Mini Eggs or their own individual chocolate Easter bunny. It stops the big ones grabbing all the chocolate before the little ones are off their marks and helps to prevent at least some of the arguments that always occur.
  3. Some time before the hunt, get those taking part to decorate their own baskets. You could pick up some wicker baskets (£11 each) that would last year after year, or keep it simple with disposable cardboard or felt Easter baskets. Get out the glue and let the kids go to town with fluffy chicks, coloured feathers and artificial spring flowers. It’ll keep them from moaning about being bored for half an hour at least.

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