Top 5 eco products that will save you money & raise money for your charity

Did you know there are some gadgets out there, that not only help save the planet, but can help you save money on your bills by up to 80%! Here’s my pick of the best five, which take next to no time to install and help you save money instantly.

Use Give as you Live to buy your eco products and you will raise money for your charity at no extra cost to you. Cut bills, save the planet and give to charity- what more could you want?

Watson Home Energy Meter
Not only does this eco gadget look good, it saves the planet and saves you up to 20% off your electricity bills.

This ingenious box displays the amount of electricity you are using at any given time. All you need to do is clip a sensor onto your electricity meter and place the Wattson somewhere you can see it, and watch as it tallies up the power you are using in real time, and tells you the associated cost.

Natural Collection, £119.95
Donates up to 7.5% to your charity with Give as you Live

Water Pebble
This eco-tastic gizmo takes the effort out of saving water by automatically monitoring water flow down the plughole as you shower. When it’s time to switch off, Water Pebble lets you know via its traffic light-style indicators. Simply place it near the plughole and you’re away. Green=start, amber=halfway, red=time to stop.

Water Pebble could help cut your average shower time to less than six minutes, saving over 20 litres of hot water per day. And as everyone knows, fewer litres mean smaller bills.

Firebox, £8.99
Donates up to 5% to your charity with Give as you Live

Ecoballs can cut your water bills by up to 80%. Replace traditional washing powders and soaps used in your washing machine with Ecoballs that are reusable for 150 or 1000 washes, depending on which pack you choose.

Simply place the balls in your washing machine on top of your washing and select your cycle as normal. They soften clothes even in hard water, so no conditioners are necessary. And because they contain no soap, you can also cut out the rinse cycle, saving even more energy and money.

Gizoo, from £14.95
Donates up to 5.5% to your charity with Give as you Live

Eco Kettle
The Eco Kettle will help save you time and energy by boiling the exact amount of water you need. With its unique, patented dual chamber design, you can fill your kettle up to 1.5 litres, and then transfer the amount of water you want to boil into the heating chamber simply by pressing the knob. The water you don’t use is ready and waiting for the next time you want to use it.

Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, theEco Kettle used an average of 31% less energy than any other kettle in independent consumer trials.

Ethical Superstore, £36.95
Donates up to 7.5% to your charity with Give as you Live

Clean Energy Water Clock
This innovative water-powered digital clock is an eye-catching green energy gadget. You can use water as its source of power, or even better – using moist soil you can create an attractive time-keeping plant feature!

Ethical Superstore, £14.75
Donates up to 7.5% to your charity with Give as you Live

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    1 March, 2012 at 09:19

    Hi Linda,

    That’s great news! With Give as you Live there are many products that can raise money for charity, we have over 1,800 stores signed up to donate a percentage of your purchase to your chosen charity.

    Remember before you go shopping, to sign up to Give as you Live, so your purchase will raise a donation for your charity, at no extra cost to you!

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    29 February, 2012 at 23:49

    I really like the idea that these products are saving money for charity. Didn’t know that there were eco products that were saving money for charity. I am going to buy one of them, since buying eco products is also a good thing in protecting the environment.

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