Top 5 products to help you get fit and lose weight in 2012


Each New Year is usually kicked off with New Year’s resolutions, the chance to start a fresh.

A common resolution after the overindulgence over Christmas is to get fit and lose weight. If this is one of yours, you may find the products below useful. I’ve selected the top 5 health & fitness products that can be bought through Give as you Live stores.

1. Zumba Fitness Kit
Zumba is the new fitness craze that is sweeping the US and UK, it’s a Latin-dance inspired workout. If you’re bored of the gym or your usual fitness regime, you should try this and dance yourself fit for the New Year, from the comfort of your living room. The kit includes two toning sticks and a total body transformation dvd, on 4 discs.

If Zumba doesn’t grab you, then why not check out the full range of fitness dvd’s at hmv, who will donate up to 2% to the charity you choose.

2. You are What you Eat: The Plan that will change your Life
Dr Gillian McKeith is one of the world’s leading nutritionists. In the Channel 4 television series of ‘You are what you eat’, she works with 8 ordinary people to give them a nutritional makeover and help them turn their lives around. This book brings together practical advice and real life stories to create a diet & nutrition guide.

You can view other best selling diet books at WHSmith. They will donate up to 5% to your favourite cause.

3. Puma Running Shoes
Running is a popular sport and can be one of the best exercises to do if you want to lose weight. The positives of going out running, as opposed to a group exercise class, are that it’s free, you can go when you want, where you want and for how long you want!

If you have decided to take up running, make sure you buy some running shoes, these Men’s ones are from JJB Sports. You can view the ladies running shoes here.

JJB Sports will donate up to 4% to the charity of your choice.

4. Nike Track Pants
I always find a great way to motivate myself to exercise more is to buy myself some new clothes to exercise in! These track pants are in the sale at JD Sports and have been reduced from £32.99 to just £15.

There’s plenty more available in the sale, here’s the full range of Ladies clothing. JD Sports will donate up to 3% to your favourite cause.

5. Magamix Blender
Blenders are good tools to use when you are dieting. This one is from John Lewis and has pre-set functions for soup, smoothies, frozen desserts and crushed ice. There is also a recipe book included in the price. Buy this blender now and John Lewis will donate up to 2.5% to your charity.

All rates are correct as of publish