Top 5 products to help you get organised this year, including an iPhone and a trusty Filofax

If your New Year’s resolution is to get organised then this post may be worth a read. It’s one of my biggest downfalls, when I’m good at organisation I’m very good, when I’m bad, it’s very bad and a bit of a mess.

So, this year, along with many other resolutions, I vow to be more organised. I have scoured the internet for the best stationary, gadgets and gizmos to help you become a more organised this year, so you can spend less time worrying and more time having fun.

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Organisation Picture

1. iPhone, Apple, from £499
Donates up to 1.50% to your charity with Give as you Live

Without my iPhone I am nothing, without me my iPhone is nothing. That’s how strongly I feel. It has helped me to be so much more organised , to the point where it reminds me to paint my nails when I get in. With voice recognition technology, along with all the apps you can download, it is worth the investment. Check out the top apps you can download for you iPhone here . Buy apps online with Give as you Live at the iTunes & App Store and up to 1.50% will be donated to your charity.

2. Dodo Household Stuff Book, Foyles Bookshop, £11.87
Donates up to 2.50% to your charity with Give as you Live

Wow, I love Dodo stationary- find a section for everything in this handy journal- bills, business cards, birthdays, annual events, money manager and more. It even has sections for mindless doodling, something us unorganised types love to do!  To find out about this revolutionary pad, visit the Dodo website

3. Filofax, from £14- £200
Donates up to 4.00% to your charity with Give as you Live

A Filofax may be considered the king of organisation- choose from weekly or day diary view, add pages for birthdays and special occasions and even add pages for addresses and telephone numbers.  Plus, find pockets inside for keeping all those important receipts and business cards for safekeeping.

4.File Box, Ryman, £12.99
Donates up to 5.00% to your charity with Give as you Live

File, file, file! That’s my new motto. These stylish metal file boxes, complete with suspension files will keep all those bills and important documents in order and easy to find should you ever need to pull them out again.

5. Chalkboard,, £13.50
Donates up to 2.50% to your charity with Give as you Live

I couldn’t live without my chalkboard. Have you ever come back from the shop and kicked yourself that you forgot something. Hang your chalkboard in the kitchen and jot down items as and when they pop into your head, then simply transfer them onto your shopping list.