Top 5 Shopper Experiences of 2011

We love hearing from our shoppers about what they have bought, where they have bought it and the charity that they are supporting. Thank you to all of our shoppers that have sent in experiences this year, we liked all of them, but we have managed to select our top 5 favourites ones to share with you. Here they are.

Brightening the office with Adele’s 21, bought through Give as you Live
Andrea from Romance Academy has done a few blog posts for us this year, but this one is our favourite. She bought Adele’s album to listen in the office, and her colleague bought a blender. It just goes to show, you should think twice before buying items for the office and make sure that money, that would have been spent anyway, can raise a free donation for charity.

You can read the full story here.

Hen Party Planning through Give as you Live
This experience was sent in by one of my best friends, Dani. She is the one on the right in the photo and is a trainee solicitor from Cheltenham. She used Give as you Live to shop, in preparation for a hen party she was planning. The products she bought included a pink L plate and a bride to be tiara, they raised funds for her favourite charity, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Read Dani’s full experience here.

A Successful Shopping Expedition
Jackie Orr is a qualified business support manager from Gloucester. We loved her story because it is representative of a large number of people within the UK. She has recently been made redundant.

We can imagine that she could be going through a stressful time right now, but she still thinks about but she still thinks about helping her favourite cause, Macmillan Cancer Support, through her online shopping.

Jackie uses Give as you Live to shop for large and small items, on this occasion she just bought her replacement vacuum bags!

Read Jackie’s full story here.

Give as you Live brings Music to my ears
Stephanie Lambourn is a travel agent, from Hungerford, but in her spare time she is dedicated to working for 1st Hungerford Scouts.

She bought a new guitar for her son through Give as you Live and raised £7.93 for the scouts, which is quite a lot just for one item. Imagine how much could be raised for charity if everyone bought their one off gifts online.

Read Stephanie’s full story here.

Discovering Give as you Live gave me a quick and easy way to support the Alzheimer’s Society
Alexander does a lot of shopping online and was introduced to Give as you Live by his sister. He bought a tweed Jacket from Brook Taverner who donated 2.5% to his chosen charity, The Alzheimer’s Society.

Read Alexander’s full story here.

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